Open Friday & Saturday
May 27 & 28, 10-5 each day

Closed Sunday & Monday
May 29 & 30

ALL in Curious* - and ALL at 50% OFF!

*Curious Bullseye is graded fusible but IS slightly off the target color (which Vitrum artists really, really like). Curious is always priced at 20% LESS than standard sheets of the same color, and at HALF that price is quite a steal.

*Sample of savings:

0100 -30               Black, full sheet, standard production       $95.35

0100 -30C             Black, full sheet, Curious 50% OFF            $38.15

At these prices, some of the fabulous bargains will go quickly!

Sale dates are Friday - Monday, 

continued May 27 -28, 2016.

Saturday Glass* is 50% OFF, too!

Choose from a wide assortment of full and half sheets of Special Production* glass in a wide variety of styles - Streaky, Cascade, Drizzle, Mardi Gras, Chopstix, Streamers and Irids.....and many more! Snatch up some while it is 50% OFF!  

 We have a wild and crazy selection of Bullseye-Designed Saturday Glass* in bright, dramatic colors and sophisticated combinations just waiting to go home with YOU!

"BUT What do you DO with that glass?!"

Come see our samples - a three-piece coordinating set made with only a half sheet of glass; several Cascade sheets cut into strips for strip-cut construction with strips laid flat in the composition or on edge, and more.....such as these pieces, all made with one style of glass! 

Stock up now for Spring and Summer craft shows - make YOUR work stand out with a unique piece of glass!

*Saturday Glass and what we call Special Production glass are the same things - unique, one-of-a kind sheets made by the Magic Men at the Bullseye furnaces.

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