This is the sale Vitrum fans have been waiting for all year- the sale you’ve been hearing about from all your glass friends!

We pull out all the stops, transforming the entire studio and filling the warehouse to overflowing with crates shipped directly from the Bullseye factory—including Special Production styles designed by Vitrum and produced by Bullseye's expert casters.

This year is bigger and better than ever before: More glass and more samples with more Vitrum Step-by-Steps to tell you how to do it. Plus:

  • Fabulous door prizes supplied by Bullseye Glass & other vendors.
  • Lots of staff members on hand to help you shop and load.
  • A streamlined checkout and wrapping system to process your order quickly.
  • Imaginative refreshments and, as always, a darn good time!

Say hello to Amy!

Photo courtesy of Bullseye Glass

Bullseye Sales Representative Amy Ferber will be on hand throughout the sale to answer your questions. She’ll have samples of finished pieces made in our Alchemy Clear glass, tips on making a Chevron Plate from our Cascade styles, and information about Emerge 2016.

The smallish print
No phone or email orders. • Walk-in only, orders cannot be shipped. • No sheets will be cut down during the sale. • No phone or mail orders. • This sale is on Bullseye glass and kilnforming accessories only.

*Curious glass: The grading system for Bullseye’s handmade glass demands that each sheet match a target color and appearance to receive top grade. When glass is not quite to target standards, Bullseye labels it “Curious” and sells it at a discount. Fusible-Curious sheets are held to the same compatibility requirements as top-grade sheets. Experimental colors and combinations may also be graded as Curious.

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