At Vitrum Studios in Beltsville, Maryland
Friday, October 26 – Monday, October 29

10am to 6 pm

Don’t miss the amazing selection – over 40 new crates just for this sale – and incredible savings!

  • 50% Off on Curious Glass* and Tekta in 3-packs.
  • 35% Off Bullseye sheet glass, frit, stringer, molds, and more.

AND.....any order OVER $400 receives an additional 10% OFF the entire ticket - INCLUDING ITEMS NOT NORMALLY DISCOUNTED!  

11 new Special Production styles available only at Vitrum
Each color combination evokes elements of the natural world, available in standard streaky styles, and exotic new styles – Infusion, Cascade, Window and Drizzle – all expertly crafted by the Bullseye Glass production team.

  • If you liked Aurora, the bright pink star of last year’s sale, you will love this year’s Summer Aurora.
  • French Vanilla and Light Aquamarine – the most-requested glass of 2012 – makes a return appearance.
  • NEW super thin .5 mm Stringer in 9 colors!
  • Iridized reactives to enhance your compositions.

Just a Small Sampling of the Many New Special Production Glasses brought in just for this Sale.

Meet our Bullseye Sales

Representative Amy Ferber

Friday & Saturday, October 26-27, 10am-5pm

Come chat with her, ask questions & find out more about Bullseye Glass!

Bullseye Glass Company representative, Amy Ferber will be visiting with an extensive collection of fired samples that show the chemical interaction of some of our glasses.  Certain styles have variety of special reactive effects when combined with one another or with certain metal foils. Reactive effects can range from subtle to dramatic, and can prove quite versatile in art and design. 

Bullseye Kiln-glass Education Online
Vitrum Studios, Internationally-recognized as a center for quality glass courses and the premiere East Coast Distributor of
Bullseye Tested Compatible Glass for Kilnforming

Bullseye Glass Co. Kiln Glass Resource Center
Vitrum Studios 6824 Industrial Drive, Studio #105 Beltsville, Maryland 20705 301-595-0736